This package is for those willing to reach their weight goal and maintain it for life. You will wear a continuous blood glucose monitor for 4 weeks and learn your individual body response to various foods. A bespoke meal plan will be designed in line with your unique metabolism and lifestyle.
We will educate and empower you on how to maintain your ideal weight for life.
The package includes:
3 months of consultations
(1x initial consultations, 6x follow ups)
Bespoke meal plans/recipes which is in line with blood glucose results, lifestyle, likes and dislikes
2x sets of blood glucose monitors (4 weeks of data) – included
Weekly weight tracking
Please enquire for more details.
This package is for those suffering from any digestive and/or intestinal issues such as bloating, excessive wind, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain or acid reflux. 
This plan brings your digestive system and gut microbiome back to balance reinstating your gastro-intestinal health. You will also learn how to maintain your newly acquired wellbeing.
The package includes:
3 months of consultations
(1x initial consultations, 4 x follow ups)
1 x comprehensive digestive health screen stool test
Test interpretation
Bespoke nutritional and supplemental recommendations to achieve and maintain gastro-intestinal wellbeing.
Please enquire for more details.
This is designed for those with more complex health issues and who need high level of support. This ensures a deeper level of care and connection, provides priority booking, regular appointments and flexibility with time. Cases this works best for: optimising your relationship with food, body image, appetite retraining and habit change. This package ensures that you will be seen by Baldo & Mason founders, Roberta or Caroline.
The format is the same as an initial consultation then follow ups are structured according to your unique personal needs and what your practitioner feels is best.
This innovative approach is unique, powerful and life changing. At BALDO & MASON we believe health is a journey, not a quick fix. Working with clients for 6 months enables us to deeply understand the challenges of their unique body and mind and fully address the root causes of their health issues, regardless how complex they are. We will coordinate the perfect team for your personal needs, ensuring a high level of communication amongst your therapists and doctors. This is indicated for long term health challenges, complex cases and achieve sustained optimal health.
The package includes:
6 months of consultations
Functional medicine tests – e.g GI Effects, Dutch
Test interpretations
Phlebotomy service – if required
4x sets of blood glucose monitors (8 weeks of
Supplementation during the 6 months
Devising of bespoke meal plans/recipes in line with blood glucose results/lifestyle/likes/dislikes
Referrals to other professionals and doctors if needed, with a cohesive approach. This includes joint consultations with doctors when deemed helpful
‘Pay as you go’ sessions are designed for those clients who wish to see us on an individual basis rather than undertaking a full nutritional package. They can be particularly helpful for those who wish to have flexibility with both time and finance.
Ready to put yourself first and replenish your focus and vitality
To help empower your nutrition and confidence in the kitchen.
BALDO & MASON offers private personalised cooking courses. Our nutritional chef will come to your house for the day or half a day. You will be taught simple recipes to achieve your health goals aligned with your nutritional plan.
The course includes:
All ingredients & equipment is provided
1x booklet of tailored recipes + nutritional information
1:1 cooking coaching with a nutritional chef
1 Day – £950 (3x breakfast, 3x lunch & 3x dinner recipes)
½ Day – £550.00 (2x breakfast, 1x lunch & 1x dinner recipes)
Please enquire for more details.
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