“They are my best kept secret… tell only your best friends.”

We are grateful to all our clients…
…thank you for allowing us on this health journey with you

“Finally someone who can join the dots, taking out the guesswork and de- livering a science based foundation for their diet and nutraceutical therapy! After 57 years of acquiring ailments and intolerances, I finally feel physically well in a way that I can almost not recall. I had a fear of letting go of some old pleasures and habits but don’t give them a second thought now I feel so good! – Thank you Caroline and Roberta for transforming my wellbeing and also my waistline.”

NW, CEO, aged 57, London

“I originally came to see Baldo & Mason for weight loss with great success. During my initial consultations we discussed my family history and my concerns about illnesses that pass from generation to generation in my family – this had been running at the back of my mind for years causing low grade anxiety. Roberta and Caroline performed some incredibly insightful genetic testing. From these results and my personal goals they recommended a programme which was personalised for my current and future health needs. Not only do I feel the best that I have in years but having a plan of action has taken away my anxiety and worry. I have to say they are the only ones out there that I trust. I love that there methods are genuinely simple and sustainable. Not only do I feel great but all my friends are commenting on my glow – They are my best kept secret… tell only your best friends.”

SM, IT Manager, Worcestershire, age 50. 

“I do many things to support my body and mind every day, but I am always looking at ways to boost my energy, be an optimal weight and give my unique body the optimal support it needs. Caroline’s nutritional review and a request for a routine blood panel allowed my family and I to identify a genetic condition that we had never known about and for me to get the treatment I needed. Although it is not causing major health issues now, over time, it would have increased the risk of serious issues. This knowledge is such a gift, and both my family and I are very grateful to Caroline for her expertise and guidance on identifying this. Her expert nutrition advice on managing the condition has also been invaluable.
I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

LT, Integrated Wellness & Family Coach, aged 49, UK

“Roberta & Caroline offer a perfect and unique combination of nutrition advice: They are not only very knowledgeable with nutrition but they were so incredibly understanding of what was going through my mind that would let me kill any weight loss efforts.

They have helped me to understand the nutritional mistakes I was making despite that I always thought I was experienced with healthy eating being myself a scientist.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

AC, Marketing Consultant, aged 55, London

I started suffering from diarrhoea a couple of years ago and the situation got so bad that it was affecting my social life, to the point that I was afraid to leave home. I went to see a number of doctors and specialists but nobody seemed to be able to help me. Eventually my Gastroenterologist referred me to Roberta and she put me on a special diet, where I had to avoid some specific foods. She also prescribed a few supplements to heal a repopulate my gut and after a few weeks I was able to regain digestive control. I cannot thank her enough for helping me regain a normal social life! Roberta’s depth of knowledge and attention to detail is impressive. She also has a very practical and empathic nature and she really cares about her patients.
I would highly recommend Baldo & Mason to anyone who is struggling with their health.

JI, Pensioner, aged 75, London

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